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Whangarei Web Design Agency: What is the Purpose of a Website?

purpose of website

A website gives you a chance to get your business known in your city, and even out there internationally.

There are no limits to who you might reach. It’s a way to get the word out on your brand – This is my company and here’s what we do!

If you want a hyperlocal focus, mainly to let your business reach prospective clients in the area of Whangarei and even out of Northland, then your content should be primarily geared toward the community.

Site Quality Matters

In creating a good website for your small or large business, always remember that the quality of the site-build matters. In fact, people are picky about the kind of websites they visit. They want websites that are engaging, intuitive, and offer substantial information on products and services.

Sure you can launch a website in just under an hour with cheap online freebies, but that’s what you get, a site that’s cheap and ineffective, and it may even cause your business to suffer. No one wants to visit a badly-made website loaded with pop-up ads, and once your customers see annoying ads, they will bounce the minute they land on your main page.

Don’t let your limited knowledge of web design and development make you miss out on business opportunities available out there.

Invest in Good Website Development

When building a website, it’s much better to take your time with it, spend your money on the right resources, hiring competent developers and web designers keen on-site planning and UX design. Why? Starting right means you care how your customers perceive your business online. You want people to recall your brand for the right things and not for the wrong impression,

A good business website can present interesting facts and information, deliver brand news, or showcase products and services. It can even engage the average visitor to click on your contact forms and landing pages. After all, the big goal here is to achieve conversions.

But to get things started on the right track, here are three things to keep in mind when building a website in Whangarei:

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Plan your website.
Build it with strong foundations, which means under that visually stunning interface sits a wall of efficient and clean code plus good technical SEO to boot.

Site Speed matters.
A website that loads quickly is important, you should never have your customers waiting, and ideally, the site should load under three seconds.

Make High-Value Content.
A customer checking out your website is a positive thing, people are hungry for information all the time, and if they found you through a search engine, they naturally want to know more about your business.

Hire the Web Experts in Whangarei, NZ

We handle all things digital. Choosing the right website design agency to work with is very important. First, you want a web team that cares about the little details, and to create a website for your business that’s responsive with the right levels of functionality you need. Second, you need all this web development to happen within budget and the agreed timeframe. If you need a professionally designed website that’s affordable, we believe there’s a reliable Whangarei web design agency that’s perfect for the job, and that’s us – 1768degrees.com

We build responsive websites that we go on to manage. Our goal is to make your Whangarei business successful online through our creative web design and web development. Interested? send us a message and we will arrange a time to meet with you.

Want to know how we can help you? Send us an email and let’s discuss how the hosting packages offered and backed by 1768degrees.com best support your business needs. From Unlimited changes to New Zealand servers, we are with you every step of the way. And YES - all hosting includes SSL (the little padlock showing your sites secure).


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