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Recognizing the Principles of Website Design

What do you think defines successful website design? It’s not the visual design that tells the success or failure of a website, but its usability and utility.

The standard approach for web site design is applying a user-centric approach because, in the end, it’s the user alone who will decide whether to use the site or not. No, it’s not about design implementation. Instead, it is about knowing the main principles of good website design whether that design is for a business in the Cape or the Bluff and inbetween.

For people to understand the principles of design, it is significant for us to understand how people think when they interact with a website and what the basic patterns of their behavior are when they go online.

The users’ habits when buying in a physical store are generally the same as when they buy or visit a site. They don’t look at everything on the page; they click on the first link that catches their attention. This actually leads us to one of the major principles of web design.

This is only possible when your web page is obvious, easy to understand, and self-explanatory. The navigation and site architecture has to be intuitive which helps the user to figure out how it works and how to go from one point to the next.

No matter what service or product you are offering, try to make the requirements as minimal as possible. The lesser requirements, the more likely a site will capture a user’s details. Let users explore the site, test the product or service, without having to force them to give their personal details or making them fill out a long online form.

We follow the KISS principle here. Keep it short and simple. We hate clutter, and that’s what we’ll show you.

Sites can have static and dynamic content on them, but there are certain aspects of user interface that call more attention than others. Images are more attractive than text. Web users can easily see motions, patterns, and edges. This is why video-based ads can be totally annoying and distractive. If there’s one word that easily catches users’ attention, it’s “free.” It is also important to avoid question marks for users to have that acute sense of orientation, which often leads them to trust the company being represented by the site.

The web is not the same as print media. When writing online copy, it’s a must to consider the users’ preferences and browsing habits. Promotional writing is a no-no; long text without the images and keywords set in bold and italics will not be read, also exaggerated, uninteresting language.

Always talk business when you write for a business webpage. To do this, make sure you only use short and concise phrases and clauses. Use only plain, objective, and easy to understand language. Come up with a scalable layout meaning put multiple heading levels and bulleted lists.

Don’t think that conventional design is your foe.

Whangarei Website Service - Recognizing the Principles of Website Design - principles of web design banner3 -
Whangarei Website Service - Recognizing the Principles of Website Design - principles of web design banner3 mobile -

The truth is that conventions are useful when it comes to reducing the learning curve of users. It is through such conventions that you will be able to gain any user’s confidence, trust, credibility, and reliability. Always abide by what users often expect such as site navigation, search placement, and site architecture. The rule of thumb is to innovate only when you are certain that you have a much better idea.

The F-based pattern is the most common way in which visitors scan the text found on a website. According to eye-tracking studies, people see the top and left area of the screen. The F-shaped layout follows the Western natural reading pattern which is left to right and top to bottom. An effective design would cater to the user’s natural pattern of reading or scanning the page.

Grids provide structure to your design, and it ensures that your content is organized. The grid helps to ensure that the elements are aligned on the page and the entire page is clean. This kind of layout has a clean and rigid structure that comes with columns and aligned sections give balance and order in an aesthetically appealing website.

A site that requires users to wait for it to load will certainly lose them before the first minute. Half of online users expect that a site will load in just 2 seconds or less. They will leave a site that does not load within just 3 seconds. This is why it is critical to optimize image sizes on your site. This will help the site to load faster. 


We certainly don’t want you to wait, so our sites are out there in a sec. Maybe even faster than you click.

When we say visual hierarchy, it means arranging the elements according to their importance. The hierarchy can be observed when organizing according to contrast, size, whitespace, style, texture, color, typographically, etc. One of the main goals of observing visual hierarchy is to set a focal point. This leads the users to the most significant information.

Set the website’s purpose straight.

The site has to accommodate all of the users’ needs. With the site having a clear intention on all the web pages, it’s easy for the user to interact with what the business offers. Figure out what the purpose of the site is. Is it to provide practical and useful information like a how-to guide? Is it to provide entertainment news? Or is it to sell a particular product or service to users? There could be different purposes to a website, but there are common core purposes of website creation. These are as follows:

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