What Makes a Good Business Website?

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To understand what makes a good business website we must start with Search Engines.

The primary goal of search engines is to connect and serve up information, to give users what they are looking for. And the main source of this information are millions upon millions of web pages, and your business website is one of them. Unless you have a cult following, are the latest ‘celebrity’ or reality TV star understanding search engines is paramount to understanding what makes a good business website.
Now how do you make your website stand out from the rest? What makes a good business website?

To begin with, a good website with a competent SEO strategy has the following notable qualities:

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Customer First Approach
Create content with your ideal customer in mind. No not the one who splurges or makes impulse buys on your site, but the kind of customer who is well-informed about your product or service and appreciates its level of craftsmanship. Craftsmanship of your services is no different to your products. These ideal customers are often repeat customers who have friends of similar interests. If you effectively set your brand up as the leader in the field and appeal to their expectations, your ideal customers will flock to the site and even invite people in their social network over.
Go for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Optimising your site for search engines should be a priority. In contrary to its complicated practices, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a simple concept in itself. It is an activity wherein one tries to ‘optimise’ or increase website traffic through search engine rankings. And you can do that by knowing the highly-coveted keywords in your niche, use these keywords in your content to rank in the search results provided.

Don’t know where to look for keywords? Try Google Adwords’ Keyword Tool – this is a great place to start. Or do a reverse SEO tactic, check out your competitor’s website, and see what keywords are associated with their site. Need assistance? We at 1768degrees.com offer support on identifying your keywords or undertaking a competitor mapping exercise.

Usability and UX Design

Having a clear navigational structure on your site can have a powerful effect on your traffic and conversions. When users intuitively know where to look, they can find what they need in just a few clicks- and that’s good web development and user-centered design at work!

Always make sure that the user’s navigation experience is going smoothly, so no annoying pop-ups, drop-down menus or scripts that interrupt user site interaction. Keep things simple. As added customer support, you create a detailed FAQ page, search bar and chatbots, among others.

Fresh is Best

Boost your content ahead of your competitors by providing fresh and relevant multimedia content.

Create an editorial calendar for your site content and keep a strict posting schedule. Know your peak hours, certain hours in a day when users visit the most. By anticipating the tide of visitors, you can target specific content to appeal to them, and you can build up a loyal audience this way.

Focus on Building High-Value Content
Your content says a lot about your site. Much like vitamins, your content should give users something beneficial like readership quality and substantial information, if it’s not, search index bots will rate your content as something of low value. Having poor quality content hurts your chances to position your site higher up in the rankings.

Obvious signs of bad website content:

Take the time to produce the best content possible, and if you want to rank and reach first-page results in the search engines, your content should be SEO strategic and at the same time, interesting enough for users to enjoy, this shows your target audience that you care about what fascinates them.
We can help you build a strong online presence. We at 1768degrees.com are into creating responsive quality websites that connect consumers to your brand. We do extensive digital marketing, content creation and brand visibility across New Zealand.

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