What You Need to Know When Working with a NZ Website Designer

The best way to ensure that your business will have a professional appearance online is to hire a professional web design company. The problem often lies in how the web design company and business entrepreneur (you) collaborate and be on the same page. Here are some steps to consider for collaborating productively with a web designer. 

Research your options.

You have to find sites that catch your fancy. It’s wise to check on your competitors and sites that are in the same niche as yours. The goal is to find a designer whose taste matches yours. Ask for referrals and don’t just base your choice on SEO ranking in Google. Choose the designer whose specialisation complements the type of business you have.  

Read and learn the fundamentals.

It may not be necessary to keep track of the latest trends when it comes to internet design or mobile design, but it helps if you are aware of the fundamental aspects of web design such as NZ domain name, web hosting, and the website itself. The domain name is the site’s web address while web hosting is the online space where the site lives. 


You have to be ready to collaborate.

As a business owner and site owner as well, you have a large role to play by providing your inputs. The NZ web designer from the beginning will ask for links to sites and detailed descriptions of what you want for your site.  

Do your part.

The visual and technical framework of the site can be handled by the designer but you as the business owner must provide content or text. If you don’t want to be bothered by it, you can hire a copywriter to write the site content. A copywriter can easily come up with a copy that is SEO-friendly, making your business more visible in search engines.  

Create a schedule of deliverables.

 When deadlines and deliverables are set, you know what and when to expect. This also helps you to become more focused on your goals. Remember that you are not the only customer they serve so you need to book in your requirements. 

Always communicate the company’s brand.

The company’s brand marketing standards have a huge influence on web design. This makes it pertinent for the business owner to share information like preferred colorus, fonts, font size, layout, logos, and visual imagery to be able to convey the company’s message. Failing to share brand information may cause delays and larger expenses in the end.  

Come up with an agreed scope.

With your designer, create a scope of work that provides the specific details of what can be found on the final website. For the more complex sites and systems, this would entail a design document that includes database designs and pages of written down business rules. The design document can be a great help as a basis to resolve any dispute.  

Keep deadlines (on both parties).

When the designer misses the deadlines, be assertive but do so in a professional manner. Be courteous and make sure you meet your deadlines too. Remember you failing to provide information means they cannot meet your deadlines! 

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