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Why Good Web Design Matters and Why You Need It

Why Good Web Design Matters and Why You Need It

Good website design is pivotal in the process of making your business profitable. Don’t get us wrong, it still takes hard work, grit, blood sweat and many tears, but if your website looks unprofessional, why would anyone choose you over your competitors? Profitability is achieved when all efforts towards constructing and designing you website are taken seriously. This is especially true if you are looking for a local creative Whangarei based Web design agency. But more on that later!

Ideally, website design that is done really well creates positive user engagement, plus it has a lower bounce rate and pushes for easy conversions, this means you’re getting emails and inquiries about your products and services.

Investing in good quality website design in Whangarei can cost a reasonable amount of money at first, but it is worth the investment, as it can bring in an outstanding profit for your business.

To guarantee that your investment is to your advantage, make sure to hire a competent web design agency which knows all the ins and outs of UX design, as they can incorporate these vital features in designing a website:



Navigation is the visual interface of your website. Excellent and well-crafted navigation should be intuitive – the user doesn’t need to figure things out. The visual cues are there to point them in the right direction.

Navigation, in essence, includes a navigation bar or a menu that provides a list of the different web pages. A well-designed navigation panel helps users explore and understand your website with ease. There’s no need to explain what’s obvious – it could be a button, a banner ad, an animated gif – the user clicks it and leads them to other parts of the website.

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Brand Uniformity

If you have strong company branding, of course, you want to look consistent throughout all media platforms. From print to marketing collaterals, right down to your website design you want to keep your branding consistent. Whether you are based in Whangarei, Bluff or the Cape, consistency in your business’s marketing message is key. You want to keep the design and brand identity cohesive, so your customers know they’re purchasing an item from their favourite brand.


Visual Elements

Excellent web design relies on the well-crafted layout of all the design elements – fonts, graphic illustrations, animations, colours, videos, code, and interactive features, etc. And this can only come about from a good collaboration between the web design agency and the client. Working on a creative brief together is a good starting point.

Here you can discuss what kind of visual style and storytelling you want to convey. You can go from a clean, minimalist design to a more quirky design with a spirited color palette. A good web design agency will know what visual elements to highlight or use sparingly.

The key is to think about what you expect users to see first on your main page and how you want your products and services presented online – functional design elements can promote your best features and make products stand-out.

There are so many possibilities at play, but a bit of good advice to most clients is to trust in the artful abilities of your creative Web design team to execute this well from concept to completion. Make sure you explain the end outcome and not get too hooked up on what you want where – If the web design agency you choose is anything like us here at 1768degrees, we know what works best and we work with the end goal in mind. Sometimes wanting this button here can have an impact on the overall design – we can explain all the decisions we make, and of course we will follow your requests if they are a must, but where possible give us the flexibility to make the call to get your visitors converting into customers.


Clean Code

Let’s say you bought this new car from a junkyard for instance, it may look pristine on the surface with a glossy paint job, but if you take a peek under the hood, all you’ll see is a mangle of metals and wires. Still the thing runs, maybe not at peak performance, but it runs and functions just the same as a regular car. Problem here is that when you find a new mechanic to take over future repairs he might not know how to jumpstart this monstrosity because everything is so haphazardly done and disorganized. That’s the thing with code; the backend development of your website needs to be clean and flawless, not cluttered with strings or unnecessary lines of nested code that can slow down loading time. Clean backend coding makes room for future updates and repairs to go smoothly. When we build your site, we guarantee your sites performance. That’s how confident we are here at 1768degrees.com in the code we use.

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Search Engine Optimisation

To place higher in the search engine rankings, you need to work on the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your website, and this involves a lot of things from locking down your keywords, your target audience to writing good quality content. Initially, to get the attention of search engine crawlers, you need to make sure Technical SEO techniques are done alongside the overall web design and development of the website. Technical SEO covers small adjustments you can do to make your site more relevant (these include tweaks for site speed, meta descriptions, and redirects, etc.) SEO is crucial to your website’s visibility and ranking.

The design of a website can determine the future of your business. A carefully thought out website means you are thinking about the best ways to provide your audience with the most enjoyable experiences.

Developing a website design that has an outstanding user interface will bring forth a better conversion rate, which eventually leads to more significant business and revenue.

Which leads us to one important question — Got a website? Since when? 2016? A year ago?!

That’s so outdated already by internet years. Maybe you need a new one that stands out from the crowd. Whether you are based in Auckland, Whangarei, Invercargill or the Cape we at 1768degrees.com are up for the job. We’ll help you make a splash and come up with a web site design that’s fresh, responsive, and SEO savvy. We’ve got the best team of expert web designers, web developers, and SEO specialists to make it happen!


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