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We understand that you need not only a website that is affordable to your specific business requirements and pocket, but also will generate increased sales and enquiries for your business. A website should be more than a pretty page

There are a myriad of ways to present your brand online. 

We bring in the clarity and insight your brand deserves. We build content around a bespoke SEO strategy that aligns with your brand’s vision. We care about how users perceive your brand digitally.

Web design is always a tough call. You always have so many choices to make and visually, it’s always very subjective, but if we design for your goals coupled with the right visual intent, then we’re off to a right start.

Start your online web development journey with us. Web technicalities aside, we are friendly, reliable and easy to work with.

Based in Whangarei, we are proud to offer our web design services both here locally and nationally. (We even undertake web design work for clients in the UK!) We can undertake client meetings by Zoom, in person, over the phone or another platform to suit. We utilise leading project management software, so no matter where you are based. We here at can help.

SEO matters because your site’s visibility matters. A search engine’s shifting algorithm sets the ground rules on how your website is found, and you have to keep up with the evolving changes to stay relevant. Simply put, SEO drives up the potential for new business. Most purchasing decisions are influenced by what’s seen and read online, and there’s data that says 90% of consumers are reliant on finding services and brands this way. It’s not surprising that most consumers discover the best brands digitally.

Your business needs to be found at the top. A well-designed website would be for naught, if it’s not even in the searches under keywords that truly matter to your business. We implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices to get your site in the top search pages.
It’s all about understanding the audience you’re aiming for.

Content is king and always will be. With content that is properly written according to SEO standards, you could greatly improve the online presence of your business.

Content is the driving force for traffic in search engine results pages. If you are a fledgling startup trying to get noticed online, it’s all the more important that you create content that is appealing. Especially to your target audience.

Print media, websites, social media, all these require content that catches the attention of potential customers. And here’s how our Content Creation for SEO service could help your business thrive online.

  1. Great written content can convince your users to stay on your platform.
  2. 1768Degrees can help build great content around your brand.
  3. Great content can maximize the lifecycle of your website.

Creating good quality online content is a process. It takes careful planning, analysis and strategizing to make it relevant, understandable, and SEO friendly.

As a Web Design and SEO agency specialising in SEO content creation, we can help you strategize your content and place you on page one of search results pages.

Google My Business (GMB) is a tool that helps businesses manage their Google presence. With a verified business information in GMB, you can help customers easily find you online.
A first-rate GMB business profile allows engagement. It helps you connect with customers through calls and messaging and they can even leave reviews for your business. With GMB, your business becomes more accessible in Google Search and Maps.
Setting it up, to monitoring, analysing and updating takes time. Time which you could invest in taking care of the hands-on elements of your business, or even time which you could spend with your family.
We, at 1768Degrees, can help you manage, monitor, update and analyse your GMB account(s). Giving you the freedom to do the things that really matter.

Sometimes software as a subscription (SAAS) is the way to go.

Subscription Plans

We offer a variety of services suitable for clients no matter their size. We focus on three key services. Web Design. Search Engine Optimisation. Content Creation. We don’t just work with clients, we partner with them.