At, we do not just make stunning websites – we make sure that our clients have high-quality content that goes perfectly with the bespoke websites we make for them. Beyond an excellent design and structurally well-built website, what makes a website great is content that evokes the message that the business wants to convey. At the same time, content should be engaging to your visitors. 

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High-Quality Content Defined

First, let us identify what makes content exceptional. High-quality content refers to web content writing (web copywriting) that is both good for your target audience and Google.

As a trusted provider of Web Design in Whangarei and Auckland, we put more value on the websites that we create by making sure that they have content that:


Wording For Your Target Audience

When you have informative content in your website presented engagingly, users are more likely to do the following:

interaction user

Visit your website frequently to read more of your content

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Share your content in their circle of influence, thus more visits for your website


Attribute your brand as an authority in the field or business

shopping cart user

More likely to purchase your products and avail of your services

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Ranking is crucial in todays digital first world.

For Google

Unique and high-quality content drives visits to your website. Google interprets your visitors’ interactions with your website as user signals. These signals, in turn, are used to determine your website’s rank in the search results. Creating unique and high-quality content that brings your website to the top of search results if often only be possible when you sign up for Content Writing Services in NZ from – the Web and SEO Specialisits.

Words are the language of love

How do we produce high-quality content then?

As a trusted Content Writing service provider (copywriting) based in Whangarei, we have processes in place to create content that will greatly benefit our clients’ websites. Here are two of them:

keyword search

Keyword Research

We conduct research to identify which keywords people use to search about products, services, or any information related to your business and your brand. We then shortlist the frequently used keywords and integrate them into the writing of your web content.

optimized content writing

Optimised Content Writing

We craft content using the list from our keyword research and combine it with your inputs about your business since you know your brand best. Using the shortlisted keywords, we write content for your homepage and service pages. We also use them to create content for your blogs, news, or articles section, upon your request.

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Your requirements. Our Goal

Website copywriting

We serve businesses all over New Zealand of every size, type, and niche and provide the following content writing services:

Content is King. Don't leave wording for your website to chance

Content Writing - Things to know

After a customer – or potential customer – views your website, feels reassured by the site design and the images they are greeted with, it is down to the words to convert this website visitor into a lead or enquiry. Writing for the web (website copywriting) is a skill as it requires writing for clients and for search engines, so your business ranks, allowing you to be found.

How awesome it is to have your audience browse around and explore page after page. Get your audience familiar and comfortable with what you have to offer. Our content is not just entertaining or interesting, but keyword specific and geo-targeted for your needs. It’s meant to attract the users you want most.

SEO keywords refer to the keywords and phrases in your online content so that people can easily find your website when they look for it in search engines such as Google and Bing.

It is very important to optimise your website by adopting the same language that your potential visitors use. This way, your website will stand up above the rest when they search for it.

With, we’ll help you maximise the impact of your SEO keywords. When building websites, we go above and beyond than just building a website’s functional aspects- we also offer the benefits of good SEO strategy.

In fact, your earliest content will be the first experience the search engines have of your business, and the first content which is indexed in search results. It is important to invest time in your SEO strategy and content planning when you start building your website. Your content and SEO keywords should not be an afterthought.

When users appreciate what they’ve just read, they are compelled to react, comment and more importantly, share. Some texts just never get old, they get re-targeted and shared further towards other potential audiences.

General Copywriting and Website Copywriting differ in some big ways:

  1. Website Copywriting is about capturing your audience in as few words as possible
  2. Website Copywriting is understanding the keywords and phrases that your customers and potential customers search for when online
  3. General Copywriting can be sales literature, email marketing campaigns and for newspaper placement – all techniques and styles differ!
  4. Writing for the web is about being found
  5. Website Copywriting needs to convey who you are, for when your customers cannot see you and your business in person.

Website Copywriting – This is generally referring to wording content on the main website pages – much like the content you are reading now!

Content Writing – This generally refers to the writing of blog articles, newsletters and product descriptions.


Here at we don’t believe our clients should learn jargon. We support our clients across all forms of copywriting and content writing. When you contract us to write your copy, for whatever part of your website, we understand that it needs to:

  • Capture your audience
  • Help improve SEO (search ranking)
  • Be accurate
  • Be content others want to link to and share
  • Add value to your business whether through Social Media, Newsletters or increasing enquiries.

We would love to write content for your business

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