E-Commerce Web Design.

Want to start having smooth and safe transactions with your customers online but don’t know how? Planning to update your current online store with a more streamlined and secure e-commerce web design? You have come to the right place!

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E-Commerce Web Design

1768degrees.com, a trusted provider of SEO and Web Design based in Whangarei, offers premium e-commerce web design services that cover everything that an online selling business would ever need. E-commerce web design in NZ can be a bit challenging when not executed properly. Unsecured transactions and lost sales are two of the major problems that entrepreneurs face when they settle for a less than stellar e-commerce web design service.

An E-Commerce Website is a big deal.

Why PArtner with us?

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Responsive web design

We design your online store and make it adaptable to whichever device your customers are using. 

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Easy to navigate

No matter how many products you sell on your website or the variety of categories you have for your services, we ensure that your e-commerce web design is easy to navigate for your users. We want them to find what they need in a few clicks and make it easy for your customers to purchase on your e-commerce website.

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High-grade hosting plan

When you are in the e-commerce business, you cannot afford to have downtimes and have your online store crashing. At 1768degrees.com, we offer high-bandwidth hosting plans to go with our e-commerce web design in NZ so your pages load properly without delay, no matter the number of customers purchasing. 

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Secure e-payment gateway

We want to help you ensure your customers’ safety when shopping on your online store. Keeping your customers’ payment information safe and secure is critical to building trust and staying compliant.

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Option to lease

Not all businesses can afford to set up their online store, especially those who are just starting and do not have the resources to own a full-blown e-commerce website with all the nice-to-have functionalities. For this reason, we offer the option to lease the website from us, on an annual basis. At the end of the contract, we give leasing clients the opportunity to purchase the website from us or continue with the lease.

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We want to see your sales soar

Whatever you Sell.

Whether you are launching your online shopping site or are planning to improve on your existing one, we are the best team to help you build a streamlined and highly functioning e-commerce website in Whangarei and beyond. Set an appointment with us soon so we can discuss more about it and explore your options.

What your individual business needs are from your E-Commerce platform will vary. 

We offer a free 30 minute consultation which you can use however you choose.

We also offer a fact finding and design consultation, which we refund fully if you end up choosing one of our bespoke web design plans.

We work with you to understand your business needs and propose the best solution to help meet these.

Both are great platforms and we can support you with either. What is important is that the chosen solution meets your needs not just for today but everyday going forward.

If you sell products, however simply receive enquiries online, why not capture these in a contact form and avoid card transaction fees?

Darn those pesky card transaction fees! These should be just under the 3% mark but vary depending on the card processor you use. This is between you and the car processor of your choosing.

What we can assure you is that we DON’T charge any sales completion fee on our web design services. The money you make from your website sale we believe is yours.

Absolutely you can. It really depends on what you are trying to achieve and your technical capabilities. As soon as you want to change a small aspect it can become a nightmare.

Only you can decide if your time is better spent focused on what you do best – your business – than learning web design techniques.

We love SEO.

For those who are not sure we mean, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

When you search online you need your products to appear. We can mkae that happen.

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We would love to help your E-Commerce business thrive.

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