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Many web professionals can attest that the first step to any successful business website is having regular and frequent website audits.

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What is a webSite Audit?

A website audit is a health check on your website to make sure it’s functioning well in all areas. It’s a closer examination of how mobile-ready and optimised your business website is for search engines.

This periodic monitoring can be done every 3 months, twice a year, or annually to ensure your site stays robust and competitive. Algorithm changes, web trends, coding languages, and software updates always happen, you can’t just leave your site to fend for itself. Performing a site audit ensures your site stays on top of Google and fit for search engines to index.

For our customers, we monitor their site’s health and performance as standard within our hosting packages. For those with SEO services with us, we just get on and fix issues as they arise.

We are the pro-active web design agency you want on your side.

How can a webSite Audit help your Business?

A website audit is something you shouldn’t delay, or put off. It’s very important that you know how your website is faring. With the proper tools for a site audit, the metrics can tell you what pages are bringing in the traffic, and what parts of your website needs an overhaul.

What does a webSite Audit Cover?

As a site owner, you get a heads up of any possible issues; catch any glitches before they cause damage to your sites rankings. Simply put, a website audit gives you a chance to fix troublesome errors and keep customers (and Google) happy.

One way to think of it, a website audit is a comprehensive progress report on how your website is performing with regards to speed, indexability, backlinks, code structure, etc. There are many factors that influence your website’s success, but knowing which ones to focus on can help you cut through the noise.

Sometimes it’s not just finding out what’s wrong with the site, your website can be perfectly fine, however, if you’re looking towards the future, a site audit can help you determine the right direction to take your website.

When you hire a site audit expert, you’ll gain a lot of really useful information, and all the key points you can make room for improvement.

It’s all about having your site live up to its full potential.

DIY is not always the best route when it comes to a website audit.

You may try to do the site audit yourself, run your own tests using various tools, but would you know what to look for? Would you understand the data? Can you filter through the metrics and find the insights you need?

That’s why you need an NZ web design expert to handle your site audit, get more traffic, and higher response rates for your business website. Know which pages are your big draw- those that bring in the sales. – the Web Design and SEO Specialists can help you see those valuable insights.

Ask us about our website auditing services today, request a free no-obligation, competitive web site audit. Get in touch with us!

Upon selecting a free website audit, we will contact you to arrange a date to meet with you in person or over zoom to discuss the audit, what it means and how you can improve your rankings. These meetings are about helping you know what to do to rank higher and fix the challenges your site may have.

Stay relevant, stay fresh with and our Free Website Audit.

When undertakes a site audit, we don’t just give you a report. We take our time to talk to you at length to explain the details of these results.

All the data from our website audit comes with a metrics report summary, actionable recommendations for site improvement, and a checklist which you can use effectively to update your website. It will help you focus on areas that can help you boost your traffic, create a better user experience, and even strengthen your overall digital strategy.

Whilst ongoing Site Audits are free for our clients and are proudly part of our service offering, customers with other web design partners can only request a free site audit every 24months. This is to ensure we can help as many businesses as possible. We have a range of paid SEO services including website audits, if you aren’t yet ready to join the family.

Make the most of your time and money. Lets work together to get your website ranking higher and improve your business.

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