Getting The Foundations Right: Who Is Your Customer and What Do They Expect In This Digital World?

Getting The Foundations Right:

Who Is Your Customer and What Do They Expect In This Digital World? offers services that are registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund .

We are delighted to be able to offer the following programme to help support businesses struggling as a result of COVID19.

PROGRAMME DETAILS : COVID19 Website Marketing and Launch Programme. 

Specially developed COVID19 Support package – 1:1 training for the business owner(s). Maximum of 3 business owners from the same company to actively participate. 

Workbook Sneak Peak :

All clients undertaking this course will be provided with the opportunity to take up a free* brochure website (hosting fees apply* max 5 page) that combines all the elements they have learnt from this course and applied into a proposed digital presence so that they can directly see their learnings come to life.

In addition all assets and workbooks provided digitally included within the price. 

Offer of free* site included so clients see their applied learnings come to life is fully covered by as their response to support businesses affected by COVID19 and is worth approximately $2500.

This Coaching programme is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund and as such may be eligible for 100% funding.

The funding is limited and the Growth Advisors make decisions based on their meetings with the business owner. 

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Building a business online is almost identical to building a business with bricks and mortar .

Understanding your customer, their behavior and having a basic understanding to digital marketing is the foundation to your business success. It is critical to every business and must be understood, so that you can ensure your dollars are being put to the most effective use. Knowing your customer means you will understand your customer, their reasons for buying and interacting with your business – and so you can target the right messages to the right customers.

No longer is it ‘one size fits all’. We live in a world where the right product at the right time via the right communication method is expected. By using the guides, tips and tricks included in this  workbook  you will be able to develop a marketing strategy, plan and planner, and ensure the customer is front and centre when making decisions.

By the end of the workshop you will have the tools and knowledge to make your business available online to your customers, have been provided practical examples to learn from and actionable strategies to use in your business, so as to build a profitable online presence.

We believe that training doesn’t stop when you leave the workshop – keep in contact! We offer 6 months free ongoing support through Microsoft Teams for those who were on the course.
Getting The Foundations Right


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