Chatbots Packages.


Chatbots are changing the way we respond to our clients.

A chatbot can provide seamless communication between you and your potential customer. It can handle most of your customer interactions 24/7 and cut down any ticketing queues when it comes to customer inquiries. 

Chatbots are all about delivering an instant response to simple questions. It takes care of all the repetitive and time-consuming work load of answering the same questions over and over. Only when questions get more complex that a human response is called into the picture. 

Solve customer problems faster with a smarter and responsive chatbot. Perfect for real-time sales, social media marketing, FAQs, and customer support.


New To Having Chatbots?
Get Started With Our Basic,
Yet Very Functional Chatbot Plan.


Streamline Your Customer Service Capabilities
With Our 4-Tier Chatbot.
Increase Your Conversion Rates.


Have Superb Client-Facing Options
With Our Unlimited Tier Chatbots


Get A Customized Chatbot Suited
To Your Exact Business Needs.
Price On Application.

How do I know if chatbots are right for my business?

Your online presence is active 24/7. You need a chatbot to handle simple and complex customer queries at all hours. There many kinds of chatbots available. Some are programmed to gather customer information, deliver fast replies to all questions and even sort queries, and redirect them to the appropriate company department. Chatbots will make your customer support more efficient.

How do chatbots handle customer support?

Chatbots can cut down the bulk of your administrative work by handling typical questions such as “How much is your product?”, “What time does your store open?” 

Chatbots can triage, sort, and respond to queries faster than a human customer service agent. Curbing backlogs and queues simultaneously. You can then focus your energies on more complex questions.

What if a chatbot encounters a difficult question about my brand that it does not know?

If a chatbot can’t answer a query, it will not go off-script, it’ll automatically route the customer query to an agent who can handle it. This is after a huge bulk of simple queries have been processed.

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