Facebook Marketing.

Facebook Marketing

Build your Social Presence.

The most massive digital networking platform in the world, Facebook stands out as the best marketing tool within your reach, and best of all, it’s free!

A clear Facebook marketing strategy can give you the best maximum visibility when implementing digital campaigns. Think about it, the chances of meeting someone in real life with no Facebook account is now very unlikely. Business thrives on Facebook because it runs on the tides of virality, accessibility and personal user recommendations.

A stand-alone website is a sitting duck without the massive push of social media. Most websites can only manage to float for a time, but if you want sales, social media gives it the kick it needs to reach various profitable shores.

Moreover, Facebook is a major gateway to funnel sales, and a great deal of the world’s commerce is complemented through the use of Facebook marketing efforts.

At little to no cost, we can help you boost your Facebook marketing, 1768Degrees.com empowers businesses to build their Facebook networks, broaden their reach and share their content among consumers. We want your customers to have a better understanding of your products and services.

Whether you’re a big company or a small business, we want you to easily generate leads and sales for your business by utilizing the best of Facebook Marketing Whangarei.

Facebook Marketing

The Impact of FB Insights

Facebook has made tracking user interaction easier with Facebook Insights, a built-in tool which allows digital experts learn more about their Facebook visitors. This allows for more data-driven marketing decisions where you can target specific needs of your audience, and over time you get to comprehend how user activity affects the performance of your FB Business page.

For instance, if you’re a retailer selling eco-friendly and sustainable wares and you just recently shot a how-to guide on eco-living, you can have your marketing video show up in the FB feeds of people who choose live the zero waste lifestyle. Your post will now focus on specific demographics such as gender, location, interests and relationship status, all these elements you can choose to highlight before publishing. Now that’s powerful, that’s tapping directly into the market your product was built for.

Make your Brand Relatable

97% of digital experts are definitely using social media platforms to connect with consumers. When you start directly conversing and responding to your audience, you become relatable. You become the kind of brand they can trust. 

Another versatile thing about Facebook marketing, you can replicate the success you have with your loyal customers with other similar audiences that were previously out of your reach.

Don’t miss out!

We’ve been managing Whangarei business profiles on Facebook to increase their levels of engagement. Grow your business with us and see the results of what organic or paid Facebook Marketing can achieve for your brand.  

Keep track and say hello to the right customers through paid and organic reach of Facebook marketing. Contact us for a consultation.

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