Content Creation for Social Media.

Content Creation for Social Media

Social media work is immersive and frenetic.

A brand’s social feed changes by the second, and often enough, you’re faced with the decision whether or not a user comment merits your response. 

There’s so much energy that goes into social besides content creation, there’s curation, content moderation, editorial scheduling, monitoring and reputation management. So how are you holding up wearing all these hats which includes running the business?

At 1768Degrees.com, we can lighten the load and help you maximize the full impact of your social media channels by creating compelling social media content.

Social and Shareworthy.

Building content should be strategic. It’s not as easy as it sounds — great content is difficult to plan and produce without the proper research, metrics, creative talent and organizational skills. You all need these elements to come together in one great digital team. 1768Degrees.com combines expert content creation, SEO and social media initiatives to build brand trust.

Moreover, for social media, you’ll always need someone listening to trends and mentions of your brand. And you can rely on us to be consistently active online, and as social media experts, we’ll definitely be there for you when you need us.

Content Creation for Social Media

Social Media for Start-ups

New to the game? We’ll build your social profiles from the ground up from FB, IG, TW and the rest of the social players that matter to your brand.

We’ll build you a social calendar that spans all your future days, which includes holiday and unexpected trending moments. If you want a say in it, we’ll make a post to celebrate the moment. Our approach is to be proactive about content creation, so that your brand’s is always on top of things and trends. Being the first one to engage within your category is how you stay relevant.


Social Media for Small and Big Businesses

Drive growth that affects your bottom line. Better copy means a bigger social boost where it counts. Whether it’s a long-form post or a bite-sized tweet, we work hard on the copy, we treat every post as an opportunity for essential brand engagement.

When we see your metrics we know what to do with the data. A strong social media campaign not only drives traffic, but brings in users to sign up and do more with their time. We believe that the right content can lead users towards the big push which is to shop, purchase and checkout. 

We prefer to guide social media users towards something more decisive and actionable, a proactive move that funnels conversions. This goes beyond the basic likes and shares, these successful call-to-action clicks will definitely pay your bills in the long term.

Text, post, swipe. Get people in the loop. Resonate with their needs.

It’s not just about making a difference, but making your brand’s  social influence felt across social media audiences.

Go Social in Auckland and the Whole of Whangarei.

When you deliver the right content to your audience, you can expect great returns. At 1768Degrees.com, we offer a hyperlocal approach in building your social media content. Our purpose is to amplify your authority to promote your products and services better.

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