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Why Social Media ?

Social media marketing involves building content and curating an editorial calendar that’s bespoke to each kind of social media platform. With content creation included, your social media marketing is in safe hands.

A huge chunk of brand advertising budgets nowadays is geared towards social media, and that shouldn’t surprise you considering the results it can reap. It can easily fast track your marketing initiatives by making your brand seen and heard.


Social media will not only help people know about you and what you have to offer – this is the best shot you have at turning users to potential buyers.

  1. Get your Social Profiles active → Build, follow and engage your audience
  2. Content Postings for Social Sharing → We’ll help you prep those editorial calendars.
  3. Paid social → Facebook Ads for awareness, Instagram and Twitter Ads for engagement


There are many ways to say hello and pique your customer’s interest while they go about browsing your social profiles. In fact, you can give them quick answers to their basic questions about your brand such as having a chat-bot ready to take in queries. We’ll help you integrate your messenger chat-bot and prepare the appropriate spiels to frequently asked questions.

You may also choose to engage inquiries at a later time, a chat-bot can let them know- you’re onto it and will get back with an answer. It’s letting customers know you have them on your mind – lets face it we all feel valued when people share we are on their mind.


Instagram is a whole different social animal. Instagram is where you keep things fresh and dynamic for your audience and your brand storytelling plays a compelling part in it. There’s both the visual culture and the hashtag relevancy at play, plus the notion that you can sell your brands directly to users without the burden of an e-commerce infrastructure- makes Instagram all the more appealing to users.

Make your Instagram account stand out!

Get ‘hearted’ countless times over and organically increase your follower count. People know a good Instagram (IG) feed when they see one, so grow your social media presence on Instagram with our team of social experts. We specialise in Instagram strategy and account management, Instagram page development and content curation.

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