Coaching and Training

Surprise yourself. Surprise your team. No learning goal is too audacious.

Inside small businesses, start-ups, and even large companies, there exist expertise of all kinds, but often enough, these talented individuals remain untapped. The truth is, employees, need to feel inspired and valued, and it takes a headstrong kind of management to build a great team.

To get your employees excited about collaboration, you need to find out each team member’s inherent strengths. In fact, you can nurture the professional growth of your employees through coaching and training.

Coaching encourages talented employees to excel through support and attention. They need this to navigate the intricacies of doing business. Training gives them the opportunity to hone their skills, ascertain their weaknesses, and specialize in their methods.

Scale up your productivity and jumpstart your business.

Building Competent Skillsets through Coaching, Mentoring, and Training

Bring about the ideal change your organization deserves.

Mentoring, coaching, and trainings are distinct learning and productivity tools that can help your employees achieve their goals and drive up their performance.

Coaching and mentoring are used interchangeably in workplace and management situations. Coaching, unlike mentoring, is more structured and formal, it follows a schedule of feedbacks, often to help break down and assess tasks. Coaching is workplace reciprocity at its finest, an exchange of ideas to achieve performance goals.

Mentoring aims for a more personal, informal type of approach disseminating knowledge based on quantitative work-based experiences and job-specific skills. It aims to bring out the best in employees by helping them focus on their unique talents and abilities.

At 1768Degrees, we provide elite and confidential mentoring to entrepreneurs, team leaders, and small businesses.

At 1768Degrees, we provide elite and confidential mentoring to entrepreneurs, team leaders, and small businesses.

What we aim to do:

  • Develop longer-term group dynamics.
  • Team members and employees learn and upgrade their skills.
  • Employees receive essential and constructive feedback from designated coaches and mentors.
  • Help teams identify strengths and weaknesses, with strong follow-through on resolving problems efficiently.
  • Offer specific consultancy support for employees.
Now more than ever, companies need to invest in their employee’s career development, make them feel valued and inspired by their organization. Coaching and training are beneficial if combined, and implemented consistently- as it has a more lasting impact on employees, motivating them to become better professionals in their field and craft. We intend to bring the competitive edge out of your employees. Consult with us on a tailored training solution you can implement in your workplace.

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