Getting Found By Your Customers

Search Engine Marketing

Paid Ads, whether on Google or Bing can be a minefield. We develop up a range of keywords based on your customers search habits, competitor mapping and one heck of a lot of hard work and determination. 

Contact us or book an appointment to hear about the steps we take to get you paid traffic to your site and the reporting we include so you can see how our hard work on your behalf is paying off.

Search Engine Optimisation

Listing high on Google has to be the place to be seen. We help do this, but crucially help you do this for yourself. It’s not for the faint hearted and takes blood sweat toil and tears. 

The best news – We include Search Engine Optimisation into our hosting charges. The reason – why build a site that no-one finds because they don’t know you exist. You want a site to have customers – we want to see you succeed. 

Our monthly Search Engine Optimisation audit reviews your site, content, technical elements and a whole lot more. We just get on and fix these elements – we will provide a report showing what we have undertaken. So whether Google change their algorithms or you change your businesses focus, we wont change our commitment to working hard to improve your site. 

If we didn’t build your site there is still some aspects we can do to support such as back link development but our services are limited as we are working with others code and build processes. We are happy to look at what we can do to make your business grow.

Social Media Marketing

We all ‘do’ social media and its a way your customers find you, engage with you and grow to become ambassadors for your business. Social Media Marketing is massive. So big in fact we gave its own dedicated section.