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When potential customers are looking for your products or services online- can they find your website?

You may have the best service in Whangarei or even the whole of New Zealand, or the most competitive product in Northland, but would it even matter if they can’t find you in their search results?
Most likely, your competitors are getting their queries first. But you can turn this all around with the right SEO strategy for your online brand.
Drive more leads to your website. Achieve better sales and conversions.
At, we know how important dynamic web development and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies are, and how we can combine the better of the two together to craft a unique and fully optimised website that works seamlessly across different digital devices.
We would like to make all these advantages possible for you.
As a premiere web design agency here in Northland NZ, our expertise is in online branding, website design, web development and search engine optimization (SEO). We are a digital marketing agency in New Zealand, primarily located in Whangarei. We do strategic hyperlocal campaigns while casting an ultra global reach for your digital brand.
The best thing about us is that we care about your search rank. will work closely with you to create a custom digital marketing strategy for your online presence.

Set your brand apart from the digital competition.

There’s a basic website build, and there’s a better build that attracts the attention of major search engine bots. Sometimes a website may come out aesthetically fine, but if it doesn’t rank high up in the top search engines. This mistake right that there is costing you a lot of missed opportunities. You want customers to find you, and eager to make a purchase. can help you rank better and appear higher. From simple to complex SEO strategies we can ensure your website works for you. We want your brand to have the online credibility and authority it deserves.
Scale up your productivity and jumpstart your business.

Take a look at our process

Initial Website Audit

The first thing we’ll work with you on undertaking is reviewing your current website. We need to see how it stands in the current rankings. We will do a thorough analysis of your existing website. This will reveal any technical trouble spots, web development issues, or content concerns, which affects your current search engine rankings. Our goal is to make your website Technical SEO compliant, and even further, create a better experience for customers.

Technical SEO

After the website audit, it’s time to look underneath the hood, meaning let’s look at how your website was put together. In fact, there’s another layer underneath your webpage, that’s well-hidden unless you take time to look at it intentionally- and that’s your website code. As web development experts, we’ll take a look at your website coding and the current hosting structure. Like any good SEO mechanic, we’ll go right ahead and fix it. We’ll make the necessary adjustments to optimise your website fully.

Keyword Research

Next, we’ll see if your website is maximizing its potential in terms of keywords. If you’re looking to grow your business in a certain industry, you need to use niche keywords to expand your reach and target the audience. We’ll also analyse keywords being used directly by your main competitors. Through keyword research, we’ll be able to improve your site’s visibility and performance on the top search results page.

SEO Strategy

We’ll help you uncover deep SEO insights about your brand. There are many websites out there competing for the top spot in your brand and service category, but only a few ever get to the first page, and some unfortunately can spend tons on digital campaigns and still remain unnoticed. With an effective SEO strategy, you can build your audience over time, and organically. More importantly, you will be the top-of-mind service for most customers.

SEO Implementation

Finally, developing SEO pages that are targeted and based on a firm SEO strategy. We will be building creative content assets and aim for backlinks that will optimize your website. This kind of site activity builds authority and captures the attention of the right target audience.
We audit. We build. We construct.
You get found in the searches.
Your brand WINS big time.
It’s that simple.

Whether you’re a small-to-medium enterprise or an established company in Whangarei, we can bring your brand to a bigger audience online. Call us for a uniquely tailored SEO solution that fits your budget range.

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