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We have launch-ready packages all set for your businesses needs.

We have creative starter bundles and even maintenance packages that improve on the current state of your website. At 1768Degrees.com, we offer the latest professional website design and development services at a reasonable price that does not break the bank.

Everything you need is accessible and convenient. This includes web hosting, design updates, daily content and posts, even site security concerns and data backups. We make sure we’ll take care of everything from start to finish, so don’t have to worry about a thing.

Here at 1768degrees.com we build:

  1. Websites that are worth your while.
  2. SEO Packages that result in your business being found for the keywords and phrases that matter to your business.
  3. Social Media that grows your fan and follow base and so much more.

We offer a safe and secure ultra-fast hosting service with our website packages. Your hosting is your website’s backbone, so we make sure it’s flexible and robust to handle all of your important data. 

Our websites are responsive and mobile-friendly. We put a premium on clear navigation, clean code and visually-appealing UX design. Each website we do works well on all screen sizes.

1768degrees.com unlimited changes allows you to update your content, without having to do the hard work yourself. We’ll help you keep up, and we welcome the changes.

Many Whangarei websites now rely on conversational AI as a reliable form of customer service. Interactions are no longer limited by time zones and timeframes. Customers can simply inquire about your products and services anytime.

When we build websites, we make sure they are very search engine friendly, that it loads real-quick with the right Meta Tags and SEO keywords are included. Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) packages are suitable for all businesses and vary from Metadata updating through to content writing and article creation. 

Have your brand visible at the search forefront by using paid ads. Target people who specifically looking for your industry services. This is a great way to turn the ‘marketing tap’ on quickly whilst your SEO keywords and phrases take shoot.

Social sharing nowadays determines your site’s success. Build your community of followers, go make fresh connections, gain traction and be an authority in your industry.

Effectively manage your content across all social platforms from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Always be part of the social media buzz.

We’ll help you craft content to build a compelling digital brand. We’ll optimise your content + posts to drive more traffic and conversions.

Everything you need all in one place, So easy and convenient.

You can choose one or several of our flexible packages to suit your digital needs. Everything you need to serve your clients better and faster. 

Anytime, anywhere.

At 1768Degrees.com, we make website development in Whangarei NZ – a seamless experience. Connect closely on a global scale or go hyperlocal, the choice is yours!

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