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So you have something to sell, and with the internet as today’s hotbed of commerce, your product or service has the potential to hit it big within the target market you want.

We’ve got millions of users at any given time ordering and subscribing on websites online, using their phones practically everywhere, and that’s revenue you can’t just ignore.

Most businesses, in fact make more money online, than with their real-world stores and offices.

But like with any great idea, it may fall short without the right content to jump start any user interest.

What Web Copywriting can do for You?

Web copywriting is one of the distinct creative elements of building a website that brings in more sales, more revenue for your brand.

Make customers curious about your brand.

It is often ignored, and the writing task is often relegated to anyone within the marketing department. Sure everyone can write a text or two. But writing effective and persuasive copy takes skill in order to leverage any product or service into a successful income generating campaign. 

Moreover, it takes a certain level of flair to make good copy not sound like a hard sell. Users are not keen on reading content that reads like blatant sales pitch. With the right prodding, customers would want to learn and even know what’s on your mind- you don’t even need to always remind them what you’re selling. 

Compelling copy will make them seek more information about your company on their own.  The goal is to make customers ask about your products or service.

What kind of web copywriting is effective for site users?

Content that makes a clear connection is often the ideal kind of copy, and so is the following:

  1. Copy that aims to solve a user’s problem.
  2. Copy that is easily understood in the customer’s language.
  3. Copy that sparks an idea and enriches the imagination.
  4. Copy that gives visitors a new experience.
  5. Copy that’s relatable.
  6. Copy that cares.

Copywriting can evoke a range of feelings on your users, and it’s important that your content empathises with them, and at the same time amplifies your brand’s own message.

Good Copy that Converts

What will motivate users to press that subscribe or buy button is no other than persuasive copy. It is the tipping point of that purchasing decision.

This explains why written accounts of personal experiences are responded to quite eagerly. You may often experience this when reading reviews, recommendations and product testimonials. Because the formality is abandoned for something more real-world and conversational. 

Notably, successful ad and web campaigns run on 70% testimonials, this is the kind of copy that offers customers the notion that purchasing a product or service can add value to their lives. 

Amazing copy can funnel and show customers towards the direction you want them to take. Asking the customer to buy can be made simple with clear and straightforward instructions. Grab their attention then lead them step-by-step through the purchase process. This could be through an order form, a payment system or even via email.

Check out our Copywriting plans Copywriting :

Brand Basics Plan

Draw Readers In With:

  • Copywriting & Content for your website
  • High-value and high-target keywords
  • Data-driven articles and blog posts
  • Data-driven articles and blog posts
  • Meta descriptions that work wonders
  • Social media posts and tags
  • Photo caption copy
Business Booster Plan

Copy That Catches Your Eye:

  • Compelling SEO Copy and content for your website
  • Effective Long tail and exact match keywords
  • SEO-targeted Content for your website
  • Content Calendar and scheduled posts
  • High-value and high-target keywords
  • Product and Client Testimonials
  • Detailed product and services descriptions
  • Unique per page Meta descriptions
Enterprise Exclusive Plan

High-Value Storytelling And Copy:

  • Sales Copywriting
  • SEO-targeted Content for your website
  • Content Calendar
  • High value and high target keywords
  • Data-driven articles and blog posts
  • Detailed product descriptions
  • Direct-Response Sales Copy and Email Newsletters
  • Meta descriptions that work wonders
  • Media and PR Release

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