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When you set up a physical shop, you want your customers to find you easily; high visbility, great signage, park right outside and get all the items they want with ease. Setting up a website is like that. You want your target market to find your website effortlessly when they go to Google to search for the products and services you offer. Getting found on Google (and more) is why you need to invest in SEO services for your website. SEO becomes the lifeblood of your website if you want to thrive online. 

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What is SEO?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is more than having your website show up in the search results. Optimising your website further involves writing unique and keyword-rich content and ensuring that the technical aspects of your website are working seamlessly with each other.

Most importantly, SEO ensures that your website adheres to Google’s constantly evolving algorithm. Why is it important to conform to their rules and processes? Well, if you don’t, your website could get penalised, or worse get buried in the search results.

At, we are a team of experts that provide SEO services in Whangarei, Auckland, and across the whole of NZ. Let us help you understand how vital these services are for your business’ website and ongoing company success.


Rank in Google's Search Results

Being at the first few pages of Google’s search results does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of time performing analyses and meticulous implementation as well as rectifying past web-related mistakes — if there are any — to rank on Google’s search results.

Think about search ranking as product placement on supermarket shelves where marketers place certain brands at eye level for shoppers to spot easily. Eye-level placement puts those brands front and centre, not just for the convenience of shoppers, but more so, to increase the probability of these brands being purchased. As they say, “eye level is buy level.” We want to do the same with your website. We want it to rank on the first page of Google’s search results to drive customers to your business website.

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Keyword Research

Crucial to our SEO services in NZ is keyword research. We priotise identifying which keywords best describe your products and services. We also incorporate the keywords you want your brand to be associated with — other than the ones that contain your brand name. From our keyword research and your inputs, we come up with a list of keywords for which we aim to have your website rank in the search results.

Through our keyword research, we will be able to write content for your website that is both engaging and achieves your desired outcomes. Our content writing services are intricately related to our SEO services. Visit our Content Writing Services page to learn how your business can benefit.


On-Page & Off-Page Optimisation

On-page and off-page optimisation are essential to our SEO services in Whangarei and Auckland. These are undertaken regularly to make sure that a website is compliant with Google’s algorithm and periodic updates and monitor a website’s relevance in its field of influence.

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On-page optimisation

Includes working on everything you see on your page: wordings, images, videos, and the technical aspects that affect how your website is presented to your visitors.

off page

Off-page optimisation

Entails managing processes that are done outside of your website that have a great impact on how it ranks in Google and how other related and authoritative websites perceive yours.

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SEO Progress Reporting

After the implementation of our SEO services based in Whangarei, we need to assess and measure the outcomes that we have agreed upon previously, through our SEO Progress Reporting.

SEO Progress Reporting enables us to gauge the effectiveness of our on-page and off-page optimisation efforts. It also allows us to re-calibrate the measures that we have put in place, if necessary. Our SEO Progress Reporting interprets the data generated from your website’s analytics and Google Ranking data, making it easier for you to understand the end outcomes from our work.


Ready To Partner? Want to learn more about SEO?

This is just a snapshot of our SEO services in Whangarei, Auckland, and indeed the whole of NZ.

Our SEO services do not put a dent in our clients’ monthly budgets. You read it right – monthly budget. We don’t lock in our clients into long-standing contracts. We offer rolling monthly service subscriptions, so our clients take charge of the services that they avail from us on 30 days. Good SEO will ultimately generate increased revenue far greater than the expenditure.

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Ranking first isn't everything - But it beats anything in second place

SEO - Things to know

Growing your business online requires people finding you, and knowing of your products and services. As users, we have become accustomed to trusting Google to deliver us the most accurate results. Rank #1 on Google with SEO services here in Whangarei from


“You cant really know where you are going until you know where you have been.”


We believe the same is true for SEO. It is for this reason, we start with a full SEO site audit. This looks at a whole list of areas to do with your website.

We provide this to our clients so that they know what steps are necessary for us to undertake. 

We grow traffic to our client websites through a structured approach to both on-site and off-site SEO and most crucially content creation.

Grow your business traffic today through ranking and SEO services from

We’ll grow your business further with proven results and actionable strategies such as:
  1. Initial Site Audit
  2. SEO Strategy Planning
  3. Web Competitor Analysis
  4. Analytics Monitoring and Tracking
  5. Off-Page Keyword Research
  6. On-Page and Optimization
  7. Paid Search Advertising and AdWords Management
  8. Content Creation
  9. Link Building
  10. Social Listening and Monitoring

New to SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing? Let’s start by getting you seen on digital platforms relevant to your audience. We’ll build your online presence from the ground up.

Not getting quantifiable results? So you’ve been at this for quite a while now and you’ve created your social media profiles, you’ve been devoted and astute in posting about your brand and building content. But the volume and frequency of your engagements have given your brand, nothing but disappointing returns in terms of click-through rates, followers, or even basic inquiries via email.

Business should be brisk, but it seems nothing is working out as planned. First, put a halt to that and regroup with us for the best online brand strategy. Get us onboard and let’s build your online presence together, we’ll strategize your SEO, SMM, and SEM towards success.

Make your brand credible and relevant. Turn the tides in your favor through our SEO methods that work hard to generate leads, so you can welcome new customers.

We’re all about developing digital strategies that create interesting and interactive user experiences. Above all, our SEO approach integrates well with our web design initiatives. And the great thing about working with is that we have a team of experts onboard to make this happen.

To start, there are SEO Ranking factors we can focus on. We plan every part of your SEO campaigns thoughtfully, so we can give your brand a big boost through:


    Extensive page auditing, correcting duplicate content, fixing broken links, creating better META tags and the use of vital keywords to gain maximum visibility.


    SEO copywriting is all about well-crafted and creative content that’s tailored with the right specific keywords. Reach your audience; get them engaged with what you have to say.


    Build high-quality links through consistent and efficient link building strategies. A lot of effort goes into link building because this is the best way to build your brand’s authority


    Rank not just for your core keywords, but for long-tail valuable keywords that can expand your brand’s reach.

Being seen and staying seen requires a lot of effort. It pays to be smart about your marketing money, and if you can allow a budget for your digital campaigns, you can accomplish a lot through many effective SEO strategies.

Through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you can attract the right audience and drive steady traffic to your website. After all, search engines favour websites that are relevant and rich in content. When users search for products and services related to your business, your website better be the first one they see. has the SEO expertise to get you ahead of your competitors. Let us help you make better data-driven decisions that are worth your money, so you can establish authority in the industry you desire.

When you work with us, we apply our wealth of knowledge on SEO strategy and digital branding. We follow a tried-and-tested process that starts with a technical SEO audit followed by a thorough content assessment of your website. We’ll advise you on how to better target your audience just by using the right set of keywords ranging from exact matches, brand-relational keywords, long-tail keywords and competitor-used keywords.

We want to jumpstart your ranking ahead of your competitors and capture new ground with a totally-defined SEO strategy in your arsenal. Our goal is for you to have an SEO-enabled site that users love to visit.

Curious about your brand’s SEO keywords? Get in touch with us today!

On-Page SEO is the work undertaken on your website pages by your SEO Specialist. On-Page SEO can include a variety of aspects, from metadata to Title Tags, wording and page URL structure.

  1. Publish Relevant Authoritative Content
  2. Update Your Content Regularly
  3. Metadata
  4. Have a link-worthy site
  5. Use alt tags

Here at we educate our clients and clearly demonstrate what needs to be improved, enhanced or developed but we equally don’t try to baffle clients with technical jargon.

We set measurable and meaningful goals from the work we undertake. We achieve our clients goals of increased visibility, enquiries or sales through ranking them higher.

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