We are here to tidy up the wild west of SEO Cowboys.

It’s the Wild West out there when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO). Business owners should know the basics of SEO and digital marketing to avoid being hoodwinked by any SEO charlatans. The most notorious ones are often the loud ones that come guns blazing, and often enough these SEO cowboys fail to deliver on their promises.

Everywhere on the web, you’ll find experts touting their effective optimisation tips that range from eBooks to tutorial videos to exclusive SEO master class memberships, and choosing the best SEO company to hire can become overwhelming. 

Start-ups and business owners may end up spending thousands of dollars only to be saddled with an ineffective digital marketing strategy that will get their website nowhere near page #1 of Google.

Strict due diligence is in order. These SEO cowboys can reel you in with their rodeo acts promising search engine feats that are unrivaled in the industry. They come with a promise that they can take the optimisation bull by the horns, and steer your metrics where you want them to. But all that talk is, what it is, just talk. They don’t even come close to any promise timeframe or rank any results.

So protect yourself and your business, knowing what your products’ key strengths and its target audience will give you the right direction on what appropriate SEO agency to look for.

You can flip the script right here. With these three basic things to remember about SEO:

Make the most out of Google ads and the magic of direct response advertising, these work well with business-to-consumer (B2C) products, services and goods. On the opposite end, companies who primarily sell high-value products and services to businesses, rather than direct to consumers, have longer sales cycles and require more effort. SEO can help you streamline and explore these markets.

When you work with the premier digital marketing agency - 1768degrees.com, we focus on Quality, Demand and Value :

Strive for Quality. Spend to Win.

The best deals usually take time, effort and money. Do not compromise the quality of the services you want to avail by trying to pinch pennies. The reality is- be prepared to invest in your businesses future. It’s about how you invest your marketing dollars to generate revenue that matters and makes a difference.

Create a demand-driven market

For a business to gain traction in the industry, it must be able to create demand. If water is scarce, create a downpour. This sounds ridiculously impossible and trite. But if you don’t have that much search volume, you have to increase the demand for your offerings. It will be a slow uphill run, but coming up with quality and engaging digital campaigns can fuel the demand for your product or service.

Strengthen your value proposition

A value proposition is defined by its promise of value, whether this is something to experience, touch, savour and taste. Once they acquire your product or service- what is the benefit? Whatever that benefit is, that is your value proposition.

If there’s still no demand for your business after several major digital campaigns, you need to reassess why your ads aren’t delivering, if there’s no traffic to boot nor the slight conversions in sales, it could only mean users find no value in the proposition that you have to offer.

It’s hard to turn around a product or service that’s known for low quality, handling any negative reputation requires more specific approach in SEO which involves online reputation management. But it’s better to begin with an honest assessment of your offerings and work on improving the quality of your products and the way you do business. No amount of SEO can fix a dud. Even if it does, having a zero value proposition will eventually lead to a crash and burn.


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