SEO Progress Reporting.

Progress Reporting

Measure your metrics. Achieve more relevant leads and track your site's progress with our comprehensive SEO reports.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a digital marketing strategy that can naturally boost your traffic to meet your search results goals.

Major search engines such as Google and Bing list web pages based on relevance. Users may search for content like news, images, and videos based on their immediate need for information.

The Importance of Tracking SEO Data

Setting up effective SEO progress metrics will help you monitor clearly if you are achieving your digital goals, and if you have a good return on investment or ROI. This will also help you make data-based decisions for website improvements over time.

You also get a clear idea what keywords are ranking for your site. Knowing what keywords are driving traffic will enable your ability to rank up in the searches.

Just to give you an overview a Basic SEO Report will contain the following:

This is far more than what a Google Analytics report covers:

An SEO Progress Report will help you know about what online users want. You can see if your digital campaigns are headed in the right direction, and if not, you can refocus your efforts to create or establish a better user experience.

Moreover, this will help improve your site’s lead generation opportunities, traffic, and consumer engagement. We all know that these two things have a direct impact on revenue, right?


Get your SEO Reports hot and fresh!

A good SEO report helps you better manage your spending. If you have plans to engage in paid search strategies, organic search engine marketing improvements, or PPC campaigns, setting your SEO metrics and SEO progress reporting beforehand will help you manage your budget.

You’ll know which campaigns you should invest more on, and which ones, you should shutdown. Overall, a good timely SEO audit results in better decisions on your business.

Looking at your site metrics might feel quite overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Our SEO progress reports and trackers can translate the data relating to your SEO and site performance in ways that are user-friendly and understandable, with meaningful, actionable metrics.

Best SEO Strategists in Whangarei NZ

In New Zealand, 1768Degrees can take a closer look at your web analytics and your SEO and competitor report.

We can deliver that SEO report when you need it most. Moreover, we can analyze large sets of metrics that come in, and organise them in a way that’s digestible.

We have our own set of digital tracking tools we constantly rely on and we are very good in using these tools to your advantage. We invest in the worlds best tracking and analysis metrics to ensure our clients are ahead of their competitors.

We provide everything that is essential for you to take action on, and even plan ahead your digital campaigns from.

Let us do the hard part and analyse your data- you’ll see the benefits of keeping up-to-date with what’s going on your site daily or weekly. All you have to do is sit, relax, and read the SEO report at your own pace.

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