Our Website Subscription Plans provide your business with an innovative way to get online, whilst keeping your setup costs to a minimum. They include all the elements necessary to get online in an easily and affordably. Choose from one of our Website Subscription Plans below.

Website Subscription Plans

Unique Websites. Low Setup Fees.

We know that as a business owner you need to get online. If you are starting your journey, sometimes you have to choose between getting online, marketing, stock, staff and growth. We don’t think that is fair. So we have launched an innovative new solution called Website Subscription Plans – Low Setup Fee, Affordable Monthly Fee and amazing services included as standard.

Growing online doesn't have to cost a fortune

Tailored Websites. Little Costs.

We want to make web design affordable. Small businesses cannot access the same opportunities as the likes of major international and large scale national companies, yet compete toe to toe. We wanted to help businesses like yours be able to have one less thing to worry about when it came to getting online. One monthly fee which includes all the necessary steps to keep your business on track online.

New Website Every 3 Years

Websites and technology are changing at a rapid pace. With our Subscription Website Plans, you get the benefit of knowing you have a new website every 3 years included in one monthly fee.

SEO Friendly

All our Website Subscription Plans come with an eye to Search Engine Optimisation. We want your business to rank successfully online.

Superb Hosting

Our Websites come with superb hosting including dedicated – 1GB Memory – 1vCPU – 25GB storage -1TB Bandwidth. Ensuring your website loads FAST.

Affordable Web Design is within reach

No Contracts. No Fuss.

We often get asked how long are the contracts. We say there aren’t any. We just ask for 30 days notice so we can wind down your hosting plan efficiently and ensure time for you to take any images and words off your site but otherwise there are no long term tie-ins. 

We aim to provide the best experience possible where you wouldn’t want to leave. We aim to ensure that our support provides you with a greater ROI than the amount you are investing. We take your business seriously.

We believe in a partnership with our clients. We know that setting up a new business can be particularly risky, which is why we want to share this risk with you and understand that sometimes a new idea simply gets super-seeded by a better one, or indeed life.

  • An Affordable Website done for you, using beautiful and professionally designed themes optimised for search?
  • More time to invest in your business, and a website launched in under 4 weeks?
  • A website built for your business that looks awesome no matter the device it’s viewed on?
  • Superb hosting, free SSL certificate and so much more.
  • The ability to make changes yourself when you want, and a done for you service to make changes when you don’t?
  • An Affordable website optimised for search

Metadata is the lifeblood of your website. Unseen by your customers yet vital for its ranking on Google. We can write implement and submit your site with all this valuable data to Google. You just need to sit back and watch the enquiries come in.

Metadata are the words behind a page which Google reads. This can significantly impact on your businesses rankings. If you are serious about ranking highly on Google, (or your chosen search engine), Metadata is a must!

No Commission or transaction Fees

If you are using one of our Subscription website plans (non E-Commerce) we don’t believe that we should take a cut of your sales that are generated online. Some companies call this a finders fee, referral fee, cost per aquisition, or commission. We call it unfair.

Looking for an online Shop?

We will setup your online shop so that it is ready to connect to your chosen payment gateway. This is included in our setup – and is at no additional cost to you. We also do not impose commission and transaction fees on your sales.

Whilst each payment gateway (your way to take payments online) has different fees imposed by the provider, we do not add any fee, charge, or % commission to the rates they charge. Unlike other providers, we don’t believe that our place is to limit your chosen payment provider or impose transaction charges.

Need to know how your competitors are performing? Want insights into how they are ranking, where their traffic is originating from and how best to grow in your market? Our Competitor Analysis Meetings achieve exactly that. We review your top competitors and work with you to provide top guidance and advice on how you can grow your business and keep your competitors in check. Ideal for growing businesses who need to ensure their online presence outperforms that of their competitors.

Technology is changing at a fast pace. A typical website is considered obsolete for Google and Search Engine Rankings after three years! The change of pace is such that there has been more change in the last 10 years within technology than the previous 100. 

We ensure your website remains fit for purchase and meets best practice standards. Every three years you can get a new website on us! To find out more contact us today.

Affordable Subscription plans sound like your thing?

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