The Chamber of Commerce New Zealand .

What is the Chamber of Commerce New Zealand?

The Chamber of Commerce New Zealand is a highly successful business network of 30 chambers in New Zealand with over 22,000 members who are active both nationally and internationally. It is divided into four hubs namely Canterbury, Southern, Central, and Northern. It is affiliated with international organisations like the International Chamber of Commerce or ICC, thus providing its members access to the world’s largest business network.

What Does the Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand Do?

Every chamber’s role is to influence and inspire businesses and bring success. The chamber does so by providing training, information, support, and advice. It is a non-profit business membership association. It also serves as a voice and an advocate to aid members. Apart from these, each chamber also offers a range of opportunities, products, services, as well as membership savings.

The Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand is a reliable and excellent source of information and knowledge for other organisations in the community. Some of the topics that are often discussed in the chambers are transport, employment, policy change, contemporary business issues, local and central government initiatives, advocacy and lobbying, business tool support, resources, and advising, all of these intended to make the business successful. and Its Involvement with the Chamber of Commerce.

Among the businesses that are members of the Chamber of Commerce, is among the proudest, being a member of both Auckland and Northland chambers. We are honored to offer exclusive discounts to all chamber members. The company actively participates in all the activities organised by the Chamber. believes that the most efficient way for businesses whether local or national to succeed is to be part of a large support network. Being a member of the Chamber of Commerce is also a guarantee that abides by the best business practices of the industry and upholds its principles with integrity.

How to Benefit from the Exclusive Chamber Discounts.

There are several benefits you may enjoy from being a member of the Chamber of Commerce. All you have to do is to drop us a message or give us a call and let us know that you are a chamber member. We will let you know the latest discounts you can avail of for yourself. If you are not a member, we highly recommend that you join the local chamber of commerce. All you have to do is search Google for the local chambers of commerce near you, check the requirements, and join.


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