Move your career forward with our one-on-one training, workshops and coaching programs.

More and more professionals these days are actively pursuing online mentoring and coaching to boost their skills, improve their business situation and even advance their careers in management.

After all, if you know all the roadblocks up ahead, you can make the right decisions to avoid them entirely or even cushion the impact of unexpected problems or circumstances. Learn how to stay calm before any storm. Mentorship gives you foresight and even situational awareness on how to handle the difficult parts of running a business. Even better, it gives you a chance to build a strong web presence that influences the outcome of your real world investment, whether it be a brick-and-mortar business or a specialized service.

Why learn through online mentorship?

Starting a business is never easy, and learning the ropes may take a few months to a number of years. What if you can learn most of the fundamentals and get a head start?

Our professional and certified mentors will be there for you for a number of interactive one-on-one sessions. These are industry experts that can draw from their first hand experience and knowledge. They will invest their time and expertise in developing you into a formidable entrepreneur.

Avoid common business pitfalls today through industry-specific advice, and upgrade your digital skills in the process. Get a better understanding of running a digital business and how you can effectively convert traffic into tangible sales.

Our training workshops are all about knowledge-sharing and developing good competencies to make your business thrive. Get one-of-kind support and encouragement that you can only get from a one-on-one training for business owners.

To boot, our trainings are client-platform driven, which means our customers can use any messaging application they are comfortable with. Our training sessions are very much accessible via phone, and through many other online conferencing platforms. All assets and workbooks during the coaching sessions are included in the package.

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Here’s a peek at what we offer :

x1 Fact finding session to understand the business

An hour spent on an informal fact finding discussion. As a starting session, this is where the mentor wants to know more about you and how you approach managing a business.

x1 Website review meeting

Take a deep dive and learn more details about your competitors. Also get to know how users view your company website from their perspective.

x1 SEO report showing your Google ranking vs. brand competitors

Understand SEO strategies through the initial stages and via ‘homework takeaways’.

x1 Full comprehensive audit

Get a detailed report on the technical issues of your existing website and how this impacts your website customer experience and its place on Google.

Get proactive measures and advice on visual design and usability

Know what enhancements you should do through well-thought-out website recommendations.

Understand your customer better and receive a practical guide

The is a training workbook we’ve structured around our coaching modules. This is delivered digitally in your inbox which goes alongside 2 hours of coaching and training to help you through the many topics covered by the training workbook.


Personally and professionally, being in a one-on-one training workshop and coaching program can be very rewarding. Gain essential skills and accomplish more than you’ve expected to achieve.

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