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Connect with your ideal customer and the audience you care about.

Everything you need for digital success. We’re there. We build websites that look great no matter the device. We are the web design agency that designs and builds your website to get ranked on Google. 

We lay the groundwork to help you achieve a robust digital foundation. We make it our goal to create an impressive website that achieves your goals. Web design is our tool. 

Build a web presence centered on meaningful user experiences. Future-proof your website today.  

Your website with us has the following as standard: 


More than half the world is on mobile. They view the internet on their phones and use it for almost every digital activity they need. Optimising your website for mobile is your key to success. 

Responsive Web Design

Size does matter. Your website should look great and be optimised for any screen or device.  


There are many features that can improve your site’s visibility and accessibility by providing a more custom-centric approach. Make your audience feel more valued with user-friendly applications that highlight the best of your products and services. 


Sites hosted on our servers have security built in. From regular security updates to HTTPS, secure socket layers, we do more to keep your sites safe. 

Easily Updated

It’s easy for you, or for anyone, in your team to edit your content and images as you please. 

Utilising WordPress

Gone are the days when you say WordPress, people think ‘Oh bloggers!’. That’s all in the past, by Internet age that was eons ago.WordPress has evolved and is supported by many distinguished web developers across the globe.  

WordPress is so versatile that most contemporary websites are made and maintained through its flexible framework. We build custom themes and storefronts by maximizing its advanced features and plugins. And the best thing about it? It’s easy for you, or for anyone, in your team to edit your content and images as you please. 

Reliable web hosting.

Secured, flexible, and scalable cloud hosting that backs-up automatically daily — no less than that is offered with our affordable hosting packages.

Our hosting has near Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage utilising the Google infrastructure, which compensate accordingly when needed. When your site traffic spikes there is a tendency that the website will fail. Consequently, visitors will leave and this of course affects your website revenue as well as rankings on the search engine results page (SERPs).

Our hosting packages are not just secure; we do backups of your data every day. You don’t need to sign up for a premium backup solution because we include this within our hosting.

So what more do you need for your website? SSL certificates are standard too!

Our Web Design and Development Life Cycle.

Building a website is a process, and we kick off each digital project by understanding your digital needs. 


First order of the day: We sit down with you and listen. What you share with us defines the build and sets the tone for the website workflow. We want to know more about you, your brand, what inspires you, and what drives your business. And your website should reflect that. We build this into the design we create. We believe web design should come from the heart of your business. 

All your input establishes the research, the visual approach and content creation. Consider this early stage, a period of discovery or simply we just want to get to know you better.  

Help us design for impact and performance by letting us know what you need most. 

You, our client is our starting point. Before any website can happen, there should be an alignment in vision. A shared goal. A collaboration.  

We’ll figure out how to connect better with your target audience and make sure your website stands out from the rest. 

Our Approach 

When we meet up and strategise with our clients, we make sure to discuss everything of importance – and to communicate our ideas well. This includes every step of the website and web design process from brand narrative, user interface design, SEO strategies and social media engagement. 

For us to give you the best digital solution and web build: We have to set actionable goals and pursue them together.  

So tell us: 

  • What makes your brand unique? 
  • What do you want to prioritise 
  • What features do you want your website to have? 


This is the phase where we brainstorm all our creative and strategic ideas. We get things going, there’s no time to get sidetracked. 

This is when we plan to get the process done within your timeframe. To do so, we will analyse all the data you’ve given us and do our research to come up with innovative digital solutions in terms of design and development.  

We take what we’ve learned from you and map out an extensive users’ journey. 

We will tick all the boxes to solve your complex problems and come up with unique solutions along the way.   We want to generate amazing ideas for you.  


To ensure high-quality results, we will utilise our resources to find the best digital solution that fits your project. We will estimate for cost, and et our team strategize the plan for the timeframe and deliverables which includes the window for client feedback. 

Customization is always a great option. It gives you the flexibility to build your website the way you want it and at the same time, make room for future growth. But if you’re looking for something more cost-efficient, we have robust design and development templates that we can tailor to fit your needs. 


This is where a lot of decision-making takes place. Having the expert team at 1768degrees.com working on your website gives you so many different options on how your website will look and feel. These aspects of your website make up its core: 

User Experience Mapping
Defining the scope of the sitemap and architecture means laying the bare bones and anticipating site growth. If you need to expand, the site is flexible enough to accommodate any future changes.  

User Design Interface
Every element of your website, every form and function should reflect the vision of your brand. Initially, style guides and mood boards will be presented followed by web design mock up samples. Part of this design process is deciding what elements can maximise the aesthetic appeal of your website to draw in your target audience.  

Content Creation
Content that’s compelling and well-crafted will easily find an audience online. Through well executed SEO, your website should be keyword-rich and informative to attract the attention of search engines. We can craft well researched, competitor based content that gets your site noticed by Google. 

Clean code
We believe in a clean set of code inside and out. We want you to have a website that looks good on screen and runs on stringent code and effective Technical SEO. 


Moving forward, we will show you the initial build of the website and refine the key points and details to your liking. This is the part where we nitpick all the things that work or don’t work for your website. We will sift through the entire build, page by page. We will fix broken links and correct any issues found before we launch the site online. If we wrote copy for your website, this is where we will revise as necessary. 


Once our collaborative effort goes live. We’ll see to it that its first week there’s be more testing, analysed key performance indicators and doing spot edits when needed. We’ll even show you how to update the content yourself, so your digital team can have full control of the website upon completion. 

Once everything is live, we do some final testing on our end and give you all the training you need to take the wheel. 

We submit your site to the major search engines and pass across a polished well finished website with web design rivalling all those in your industry. 

But, of course, it doesn’t end there. There is room for continued support, and this is essential. Through our reports and recommendations, you will see how your new website is performing. If you need new plugins, add-ons or 3rd party applications to enable tracking and analytics we can set this up for you, so you can track your website’s progress as it grows and becomes visible in the search engines. After all, the web is constantly changing, and it’s our job to keep you up to speed. 

Take your digital project to the next level. Talk to us. 

Or simply say Hello! 


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