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PREPPING YOUR WEBSITE FOR MOBILE-FIRST INDEXING The need to prioritise mobile optimisation is simple to understand.

Everyone you know owns a mobile phone, and most people do their browsing on their phones. 

The top stat for 2019 simply says it all:  there are over five billion mobile phone users on the planet, and that’s a huge global audience that’s hard to ignore.

In fact, people do more social interactions on their phones, more times than they physically converse with other people.  After all, you got the best apps on mobile and there’s tons to do online using your phone compared to just using a laptop or Desktop PC.

Does that sound so bad? Maybe not. 

This is the future now. We’re living in a world that’s very much interconnected with devices. That’s right, the foreshadowed time of the Internet of Things.

The Shift to Mobile-Priority.

Google has spoken. Mobile screens are no longer an afterthought for usability designers. 

Google has made its announcement around a year ago, that its search indexing will now be mobile-first. Now for any web designer and digital marketer worth their salt, ignoring this shift into mobile would be detrimental to any website or online campaigns.

Ten years ago, mobile devices weren’t as popular, so most sites were designed specifically for desktop screens. 


Though a good portion of users still access websites through desktop devices, most of this is because of work or they are at work, and they need to type in reports and create presentations. They are not in a relaxed mode, unlike on mobile, the user is most likely browsing casually, doing something personal or catching some downtime. When people browse on mobile, they are more suggestive to check out things like shop, chat and date, and order food. Users are more into looking for a service using voice search via mobile. The truth of the matter is mobile brings in big business.

So yes, you should optimize your site for mobile and future-proof your business. Mobile is no longer a rising trend, we’re already in the middle of it. And from the looks of it, it’s not going to fade away anytime soon. 

If you haven’t made the necessary adjustments to your website to make it ‘mobile-first’ optimized. Know what Google finds important for mobile-first indexing:


Screen Display

When it comes to mobile screens, display is everything. Your website should adjust accordingly for mobile phone screen size.


Content is Clear

Texts should be clear and readable without zooming in or adjusting font size. Images should adjust according to the screen size and load properly.


Loading time

Get your speed on, folks! Google doesn’t like turtles in this race. Your website should load within 3 seconds or less.



Swiping and tapping links shouldn’t be difficult. Hyperlinks should be adequately spaced.

Count on 1768Degrees.com to make the mobile-priority transition seamless for your website.

Having a mobile ready website will not only boost your rankings on Google, but will win over new users who are visiting your website the first time.

If you need a website go mobile-friendly, and not just perfect on desktop screens, we can help you achieve this!

Don’t get left behind! We’ll help to grow your business through mobile. Contact us and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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