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Good web design can make a significant difference to the growth of your business.

Introducing your digital brand to the world need not be difficult. You don’t need to handle your whole digital project alone. Count on us to be there for you to build your new website, or upgrade an existing one. Just let us know when we can have a look!

To see how your website is performing, we can give you a thorough site audit to see how your current site is doing. If you feel dissuaded from building a great website just because your initial attempts haven’t gone so well. Perhaps you haven’t found the right team to work with. It’s all about taking into account what your needs are and finding a great web development service such as 1768degrees.com to make it all happen.

Let’s discuss your old site. What didn’t work out? What you thought users would like? What do you wish you’ve done differently?

We’ll listen. We’ll maximize the scope of your industry knowledge alongside our technical expertise to come up with a solid plan to make your website more effective. Not just for your users, but in terms of your reach, we want search engines like Google to pay attention to what your website has to offer.

Collaborate with us and we’ll guide you through our web build development process:



Site Audit


UI/UX Design


Coding & Technical SEO


SEO & Content Creation


Social Media Engagement


Testing & Launch


Our first move is to clear the errors and build a good foundation for your code. Rely on us from initial concept, design and development- we’ll see your website through until your launch. We can help you achieve a cohesive, functional website that’s tailored closely to your needs.

That’s establishing strong branding through design, navigation, content and social signals. Everything you need to have a robust site that opens more doors for opportunities and conversions.

At 1768degrees.com, we’ll make sure your digital project runs smoothly.

Now what about build costs? We all know that website costs vary significantly and if you keep adding features (which could be add-ons you may or may not need) this can easily eat through your budget real fast. That’s why you need to work with a NZ web agency that has your best interest in mind.

Work with a digital partner you can trust. We are the premier web experts that ensure every feature and add-ons on your website have a solid reason to be there. That being said, websites built by 1768degrees.com are as affordable as they are flexible. This is all the more reason to sign up with us and our services.

And the good news here, you can sign up for our services today!

Let’s set your brand apart. Being our partner simply means your success is very important to us!

Grow your business more with the following plans :

Site Audit

Gain a better understanding on where your website stands. We assess and take action. The first step of our website design is taking a look at the state of things. We do an analysis of your existing website and your business process so we can be aligned with your goals. Detailed audits are an insightful look on how users perceive and engage with your site online. This is to assess how much work or improvements are needed throughout the build.

Web Design

Update your content, promotions and categories on your dynamic website.

Web Development

Crucial front-end and back-end development happens here which includes website security, server administration and overall site performance.

Deploy on Time

We get the work done on schedule and your site moving forward. We make sure your site is secure, responsive and visually appealing the day the world gets to see it.

Monthly Site Reports

We provide clients monthly website updates that can include your most visited pages, load speed, visitor traffic, conversion statistics and keywords.

SEO + Content Development

Our team will carefully analyse the data, understand your current site rank and come up with an SEO strategy to optimise your content and campaigns.

Testing and Client Approval

All the kinks get ironed out during the testing phase – you get to decide what works for you and your business before the site is uploaded to the web.

Site Performance Review

We go beyond meeting your expectations, once the site is done, we care about how it performs and bring in the traffic. Though this may vary with your project and pricing plan, it’s an extra touch of service that we can do for you.

Quarterly Site Review

A quarterly assessment to discuss how the website is working for you, and if there are any concerns you wish to tell us. This is simply our way to stay aligned with your goals.

Make your online brand deliver results. Build your website with us.

We build websites that are aesthetically impressive, yet dynamic, functional and secure at the core. We have got everything you need to get started.

Our customised website services include full responsive website design, extensive web and backend development, technical search engine optimisation (SEO), content management and web hosting with SSL Certificate included.


Present a central idea and get contacted by clients- A strong one-pager to highlight all the important information about your business. One page sites are great for landing pages linked to Google Ads, with a clear message and call to action designed to convert leads.


Make a good impression with your customers with a functional and streamlined website that details all the elements of your business, encourages customers to reach out and understand your companies needs


Create a pleasant user experience for your customers with our premium e-commerce plan. Boost your sales and showcase your products by building a shopping site that’s easy to navigate. Includes a high-grade hosting plan and the most secure e-commerce payment gateways for smooth online transactions.

Let 1768degrees.com exceed your expectations every time. We can work together to make sure your website delivers real business growth.

We’re happy to discuss your project at length, simply let us know when and where. Email us anytime or check out our contact form. We look forward to meeting you and starting a new client partnership.

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