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1768Degrees Website Copywriting

We craft words that move users to take action.

Crafting copy presents a unique challenge for most businesses. The design of your website is not enough to make users stay and be curious. 

Good copywriting supports great web design. 

It takes well-written and compelling content to convince users your website is useful and that it has what they are looking for. 

People check their screens first thing right after they wake up, and most companies are pressing to get their fresh attention. You want your customers clicking – either to enquire, download, purchase, or know more – you want them engaged about the products and services you have to offer. Our content creation process involves knowing about your business’s goals and your target customers. 

Boosting your online presence involves creating content that communicates your brand’s vision well. 

Digital marketing is continuously evolving and so does our method of digital content copywriting. We don’t just focus on great content; we also emphasize on making it visible to your target audience using varied Search Engine Optimisation methods. 

That’s SEO! We use keywords relevant to your business and analyze what competing websites out there write about or use as their keywords. It pays to know what your neighbours are doing. But the uphill climb here is knowing more about what search engines are looking for. And often, it’s unique and thoughtfully written content that makes it to the top pages. 

Take the lead with compelling SEO-targeted content.

1768Degrees Website Copywriting

Through SEO, we’ll be able to identify what keywords are most searched and what these keywords mean for your industry. Our goal is to come up with content that’s targeted, engaging, and more importantly, readable. These are words that flow smoothly, are impressively coherent and conversational. Not the kind of content an AI program or robot would write. What brings is content creativity and remarkable human touch. 

So you have something to sell, and with the internet as today’s hotbed of commerce, your product or service has the potential to hit it big within the target market you want.

We’ve got millions of users at any given time ordering and subscribing on websites online, using their phones practically everywhere, and that’s revenue you can’t just ignore.

Most businesses, in fact make more money online, than with their real-world stores and offices.

But like with any great idea, it may fall short without the right content to jump start any user interest.

What Web Copywriting can do for You?

Web copywriting is one of the distinct creative elements of building a website that brings in more sales, more revenue for your brand.

Make customers curious about your brand.

It is often ignored, and the writing task is often relegated to anyone within the marketing department. Sure everyone can write a text or two. But writing effective and persuasive copy takes skill in order to leverage any product or service into a successful income generating campaign. 

Moreover, it takes a certain level of flair to make good copy not sound like a hard sell. Users are not keen on reading content that reads like blatant sales pitch. With the right prodding, customers would want to learn and even know what’s on your mind- you don’t even need to always remind them what you’re selling. 

Compelling copy will make them seek more information about your company on their own.  The goal is to make customers ask about your products or service.

What kind of web copywriting is effective for site users?

Content that makes a clear connection is often the ideal kind of copy, and so is the following:

  1. Copy that aims to solve a user’s problem.
  2. Copy that is easily understood in the customer’s language.
  3. Copy that sparks an idea and enriches the imagination.
  4. Copy that gives visitors a new experience.
  5. Copy that’s relatable.
  6. Copy that cares.

Copywriting can evoke a range of feelings on your users, and it’s important that your content empathises with them, and at the same time amplifies your brand’s own message.

Good Copy that Converts

What will motivate users to press that subscribe or buy button is no other than persuasive copy. It is the tipping point of that purchasing decision.

This explains why written accounts of personal experiences are responded to quite eagerly. You may often experience this when reading reviews, recommendations and product testimonials. Because the formality is abandoned for something more real-world and conversational. 

Notably, successful ad and web campaigns run on 70% testimonials, this is the kind of copy that offers customers the notion that purchasing a product or service can add value to their lives. 

Amazing copy can funnel and show customers towards the direction you want them to take. Asking the customer to buy can be made simple with clear and straightforward instructions. Grab their attention then lead them step-by-step through the purchase process. This could be through an order form, a payment system or even via email.

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We create high-quality copy that fits the tone of your project .

Best of all, through SEO-targeted content, we’ll help you establish authority and relevance in your industry. It’s all about building trust with your customers and diversifying in other related niches to build a loyal following. 

There are millions of web pages trying to compete for the top search result for certain keywords. Our SEO specialists at can narrow down your choices in terms of effective keyword placement, density, mentions, metadata, and tags. 

Content Is King

Our copywriters consider a lot of factors before writing your content. Each copywriting project undergoes extensive brainstorming sessions, research, drafts, and revisions just to tick off all those criteria boxes. 

Copywriting Services we offer: 

Need some copy done? Let us know how we can help you. We write, write, write until we get it right to your liking!  

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