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Why your Website Needs Original and Engaging Content ?

SEO copywriting is the process of writing strategic and targeted content to bring in website traffic. It gives websites the potential to have a huge following or a substantial readership worldwide.

As you all know, PRINT is DEAD. Everyone now gets their news and information real-time through websites and social media platforms. What users often look for is industry-centric and topic-specific rich content. But the content you have need not be boring, it has to be creative and competitive enough to engaged users to stick around and actually read your web pages. At 1768Degrees.com, we’re very much capable of creating high-value and keyword rich content for your online brand.

When your website has its own signature content this introduces users to your business and encourages them to take a closer look at the services and products you provide.

SEO copywriting is created with an SEO strategy in mind and this includes keywords that define the nature of your brand.

Keywords are important. These words whether long tail phrases or exact match keywords allow search engines to index your website properly. Good quality content and a technically competent website structure are the two major elements that determine how your site will highly rank in the top search engines like Google and Bing.

Along with SEO copywriting, developing an editorial content calendar is crucial to attracting a new audience. Moreover, posting consistently during high-traffic social hours is key.

The goal is to provide new and interesting information that’s both digestible and exciting to users- this is sure to bring in the ideal site traffic you want.

1768Degrees Website Copywriting

What Key Elements go into SEO Copywriting?

To begin with, there’s Keyword Research

Trust us to do the necessary keyword research for your website. We can identify high-performing specific keywords that represent your business and locality. Through industry metrics, we’ll dig deep and find out what your customers are searching for.

We keep an eye out on your competitors.

Forget what high-cost digital adspend campaign they are up to, but pay close attention to what keywords they’re using on their website, that already says a lot about the direction of their digital campaigns.

We craft and choose the best keywords for you.

We do keyword research that’s purpose-driven, hyperlocal and tailored to your brand. We want your SEO content to shine, strategically and organically, we want the search engines to do most of the work and bring you a ton of consistent traffic.

We take care of all kinds of content.

Inside every web page is the base code in HTML and those have Meta Tags just right around the header part. A Meta Tag is a character-limit description that tells search engine bots what your website is all about. So it’s crucial that your Meta Tags are targeted and relevant to your website’s content and category.

We can’t stress enough the importance of having well-written SEO Content that’s unique. We always aim to create compelling content that can be only found in your website- search engines simply love that! Their number one peeve, however, is duplicate and repetitive content. The second is spammy content which is created for Black Hat purposes. But that’s another topic altogether.

The point of all this is, if you want a high page rank aim for original and engaging content that people will want to read.

Good quality content prompts action.

People click on a website generally to look for solutions to their problems and that is what we are supposed to provide good solid information. And when that happens, users tend to share your link, spreading it across other social audiences. When users share your site’s content that drives up the traffic and opens up other opportunities for your business to thrive.

Let’s get your site ranked!

Are you ready to fill your website with readable, relevant and engaging copy? Attract more back links from authority sites by becoming a trusted source of information in your industry category. We’ll help you find the right words for your Whangarei website.

What we can do is to create a competitive SEO copywriting strategy that matches your needs. We’ll craft content that exudes your brand’s tone and style starting with your Meta tag, page content, blog, articles and social media postings. When you need the best words to convey your ideas, 1768Degrees.com will write the right optimized SEO content.

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