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When it comes to hiring a website developer, there are certain traits that are worth considering. Here are some of them:

Responsive mobile design: Most customers today particularly the younger demographics are tech-savvy. They tend to access the net on their smartphones for any concerns about whether to check for some news or to access their social media accounts. Around 60 percent of online sources today checked through mobile devices. Having a website that does not have a responsive design means 60 percent of the online population won’t be able to access your site. Then there is Google. Google expects your website to be optimised for tablets and mobile.

SEO: SEO is considered the fuel of modern-day marketing. Here at we are proud to be leading the SEO charge. Without SEO, there is no way for the site to acquire traffic and leads for your business to prosper. If the site is not going to rank on the first page of the search engine results page, it’s likely that only a few customers will be able to see the site and purchase your products.

Analytics: We understand that a web developer who is skilled in website development can give you a highly functional website. However, that is not enough to rake in profits from the site. Secure a website developer and we analyse and target customer and competitor information to increase profits and traffic.

Continuous Training: Web development is constantly evolving. We don’t stand still at We keep on retooling, training and learning new methods and technologies.

Ecommerce Website Development .

Having an e-commerce site enables you to have a wider customer reach. It brings your business to the world market and lets you sell your products or services without any geographical limitations.

There are also no time constraints for doing business when you set up an e-commerce site. You need not worry about the opening and closing hours. You can earn money while you sleep.

Web Development Company .

With the abundance of online making it easier for any individual to set up his or her own website, entrepreneurs still should opt to leave website development in the hands of professionals (and ideally us!). Here are some of the reasons why:

How Good Web Design Increases Website Traffic

Web Design and Development .

The difference between website design and web development is huge. The web designer brings onto the screen your brand and is aware of what potential customers are looking for. The web developer is more concerned about the core structure of the site. The developer uses coding languages to create a logical and programmable website.

Any business owner would need these two services to ensure having a professional highly functioning site. If you are building a website from zero, you need the services of a web developer to create a foundation, and a web designer makes sure that it looks and feels the way your targeted users want.

The following are some of the design elements that make sure you will have a professional and completely functional website:

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