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Struggling to find an affordable website for your business?

Would you rather keep your money in your business, and instead have a low monthly fee to allow your business to grow?

Don’t put off getting online. Go with a professionally designed website membership plan built from a site theme from

We understand that for some businesses all they need is a simple, elegant and professional web presence – without the upfront cost.

Did you know even if most of your business is generated from referrals (word or mouth), most customers will check you out online.

How are you presenting yourself?

What is your current website (or lack thereof) costing your business?

We understand that not all businesses, particularly (but not limited to) small business can afford to have bespoke website made. It was from our passion to support all New Zealand businesses we launched our website membership plans.

Do you want?

Business Starter

Monthly Licence Fee and Hosting​
NZD 97 per month
  • NZD 547 One-Off Setup Fee
  • 3 Pages
  • Stock Images
  • Bespoke Copywriting 1*
  • Semi Customisable Theme Designs
  • New Website Every 3 Years
  • SEO Add-On
  • Website Submitted to Google
  • Annual Domain Fee

Business Plus

Monthly Licence Fee and Hosting​
NZD 147 per month
  • NZD 827 One-Off Setup Fee
  • 5 Pages
  • Stock Images
  • Bespoke Copywriting 2*
  • Semi Customisable Theme Designs
  • New Website Every 3 Years
  • SEO Add-On
  • Website Submitted to Google
  • Annual Domain Fee
  • Image Optimisation
  • Blog Functionality
  • Competitor Mapping

Business Growth

Monthly Licence Fee and Hosting​
NZD 187 per month
  • NZD 1375 One-Off Setup Fee
  • 7 Pages
  • Stock Images
  • Bespoke Copywriting 2*
  • Semi Customisable Theme Designs
  • New Website Every 3 Years
  • SEO Add-On
  • Website Submitted to Google
  • Annual Domain Fee
  • Image Optimisation
  • Blog Functionality
  • Competitor Mapping
  • Keyword Research
  • Metadata
  • Site Health Guarantee
  • Monthly Website Review Meetings
  • Monthly Competitor Analysis Meetings

Not quite what you are after? Whilst we only offer a limited number of website membership based packages, we here at can build single landing pages through to fully bespoke websites. Reach out to us and start your digital journey.

the site health guarantee.

We guarantee to keep the site health of your website above 85%. If for any reason (including changes to Googles Algorithms and stated best practice methods) your site drops below 85% we will undertake whatever work is necessary to get your site score back to above 85%.

This includes rebuilding your site if necessary, as many times as necessary over the life of your time with us.

Your site health is an important factor in Google considering your website within its Search Engine Rankings.

License Fee & Hosting .

We are proud to utilise the Google Cloud infrastructure to host our websites. All hosting includes backups of your website, in case the worst was to happen. Through utilising the Google Cloud infrastructure we have one of the most reliable uptimes available.

Our sites also include SSL certificates.

We know how to write copy that converts. are Web Design and SEO Specialists; we know a thing or two about how to create engaging website copy.

1* Bespoke Copywriting is limited to up to 400 words per page

2* Bespoke Copywriting is limited to up to 550 words per page

Key information must be provided by the Client for us to write website copy. We tried telepathy but we decided to stick with Web Design and SEO Services. Don’t panic though, we will be with you every step of the way.

New Website Every Three Years.

Technology is changing at a fast pace. A typical website is considered obsolete for Google and Search Engine Rankings after three years! The change of pace is such that there has been more change in the last 10 years within technology than the previous 100. We ensure your website remains fit for purchase and meets best practice standards. Every three years you get a new website on us!

Customised Website Themes are a great affordable solution when you are starting out in business. We believe that beautifully designed and professionally built websites customised from a template have a place. But at we offer a full array of web design services, so to help determine if the membership solution is for you Here’s our helpful guide.

Who are membership plan websites suitable for ?

Who are membership customisable website plans not suitable for?

We understand that our website membership plans are not suitable for every business. We will offer you advice as to whether this is the best solution for your business. If this solution is not suitable for your business, do not panic. has an array of buy to keep website services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. Absolutely. Semi Customised designs relates to adding in elements such as your Instagram feed or minor changes to the layout and design. If you need full customisation then don’t worry we offer that too!

What does the setup fee include?

What the setup fee includes depends on the plan you choose. You can view the plans here

I cannot find a plan suitable. Can you help?

We are more than happy to help wherever possible. Remember that professional website membership plans are not suitable for every business. We have limited options so that we can support as many businesses as possible. If you need something else view our full website design services.

Should I choose a bespoke or theme based design?

Depending on whether you choose a bespoke or theme based design is based entirely on budget.

It is true that template websites generally don’t rank as well on Google as professionally built bespoke sites. But this is because they often have features (and therefore code) that is not needed, so can be slower. However, we host all our sites on the Google Cloud infrastructure, so they are lightning fast.

If you are interested in our bespoke web design services however we are more than happy to assist. We do not currently offer bespoke web design on a subscription basis.

What happens if we outgrow your platform and need something bigger or bespoke?

First of all, how great is that! We don’t like goodbyes however, and hope that you will remain with us, here and move to one of our other website service packages.

How are your membership plans for web design so cheap?

To make these professional themes as affordable as possible we have made a decision to licence these. We established the website membership plans to enable businesses to get online without the upfront cost that can hamper many businesses. Over our years we have met many businesses who have come to us from other agencies having realised they made a mistake choosing their previous design partner. This is for them. They get the same great service without the cost of entry. We want to see businesses outgrow these plans and take their industry by storm. We want to help be part of that journey.

Where are these sites hosted?

Hosting is an important factor which is why we utilise Google Cloud Services. Currently Google only has servers in Australia. However due to the technology used and infrastructure these load faster than most servers our competitors use.


Simply let us know which package you are after and we will get in touch. Our Website Membership plans remove the upfront cost of having a professionally designed website, optimised for Google.

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